Outfit of the day

(Sorry if this post sounds insane, I spent all day doing photography coursework and I think my brain has melted)


I feel like i’m neglecting you and i’m sorry. So here is a quick little outfit of the day post so you don’t all forget that I exist.

Recently I’ve started dressing in long skirts- which is pretty rare for me- I dont really own many long skirts (and I feel kind of like I look like a mad cat lady, but oh well it’s always fun to be original!)

So, I went to the woods the other day to hang all of my jewellery in a tree (please just don’t ask), and I felt like it would be the perfect opportunity to take some outfit photos.

IMG_4024 copyIMG_3986 copyIMG_3971 IMG_4053 copy IMG_4034 copyMy hat, coat and shoes are all from Topshop, my skirt is from Miss Selfridge, my gloves are cashmere ones from somewhere in Scotland (sorry that’s really not helpful),  and my scarf is from accessorize. And i’m sure you all know about my bag by now 😉

Are you all having a great weekend? I look forward to catching up on all of your blog posts really soon ❤

À bientôt!!



6 thoughts on “Outfit of the day

  1. Holly,
    Wonderful post!
    I love the outfit! I’m not one to wear long skirts very often, since I can never find any that look good on me, but yours was adorable! You don’t look like any sort of mad cat-lady. 🙂

    Lauren x

  2. Hey Holly!
    Believe it or not, I have gone to a park and hung clothes and jewellery from trees for a magazine shoot we did at school no kidding (:
    I don’t own many or try any long skirts but I think you have a lovely cute one. I love your coat, hat and gloves too!
    xx Karen

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