I once again apologise for dropping off the face of the earth for a whole week. Man I cant wait until my interview is out of the way!

Anyway, I finished all of my beautiful Laduree Macarons (yes all of them, Holly doesn’t share macarons), and can I just say they were perfect. I think I would marry them if it was socially acceptable.

The flavours that I got were Pistachio (Which was so so so nice, and the only one that I didn’t take any photos of because I took it to work with me to eat at lunch haha!), Vanilla, Lemon, Rasperry, Rose and Brazil Pure Origin Chocolate (one of their limited edition Macarons).

I treated myself to a gift box too, because the boxes are pretty, and I thought that I could keep little things in my room in there!



IMG_3876 IMG_3881




IMG_3888Ok, so the first one that I tried was Vanilla. Whilst it wasn’t my favourite from the box, it was still pretty lovely.


IMG_3923This is the Raspberry macaron and I’m actually shocked to say that it was my least favourite out of the ones I bought! It wasn’t horrible though, I dont think a macaron could be horrible even if it tried- lets just say, I wouldn’t buy this particular flavour again!


IMG_3934Lemon (anything lemon flavoured is yummy in my opinion).


IMG_3943This one was strange. Really really nice…. just in a strange way. In the shop it was named “Rose Petal” and I have no idea how to describe this, but the taste was actually somewhat like the smell of rose petals. It was interesting, and I would definitely buy this flavour again!


IMG_3950Ok so I saved the best for last. This one was insane. It kind of tasted like a macaron/ chocolate brownie and it was just perfect. It was so nice that I forgot to take a photo of the inside until I was almost 3/4 the way through haha! I’m sad that this is only a limited edition, because it was amazing- if you have the chance, definitely try one before they vanish again.

So overall, they were all gorgeous, and if you’ve never tried a Laduree macaron, I suggest that you fix that as soon as possible!

I apologise for the state of my nails in these photos, I didn’t realise quite how bad they were until I looked at the photos on my laptop. Oops.

I have lots of posts planned, and I promise I wont disappear for a week again!! How have you been? I’ve missed you all.

Much love,


12 thoughts on “Macarons~

  1. Holly,
    Yum! Those look delish. I’ve never had macaroons before (many places that sell them mix almonds into the batter and I’m seriously allergic to nuts), but I want to vacation in France and have some truly authentic ones some day!

    Lauren x

    • Hi Lauren!
      Oh woah, I had no idea that you have a nut allergy! That must suck- I mean so many things have ‘traces’ of nuts, even if they dont physically contain any, it must be pretty hard to find things!
      You should definitely vacation in france one day though- I could meet you there! hahaha 😀
      Thank you,
      Holly x

  2. Hey Holly!
    I loved the post and pictures. The box is really pretty and the macarons look not only gorgeous but yummy. I love how you described all the flavors along with the pics.
    Love, love, love, the post.


    • Hey Madeleine!!
      Thank you so much, I had a lot of fun making this post (I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy eating tons of macarons and then justifying it by telling yourself ‘I need to do this for my blog.’ bahahah)
      I’m going to catch up with your posts sometime today- I feel so out of the loop at the moment!
      -Holly x

  3. Wow! Would it be acceptable for me to run off an get macarons for breakfast?! They look amazing! However, down here in South Aus we dont get Laduree :(, but next time I am overseas I will eat an embarrassing amount of them haha! Lovely post x x

    • I would say that macarons for breakfast is perfectly acceptable, haha!!
      Eating an embarrassing amount of them is my favourite hobby- i’ll come and join you I think 😉
      Thank you so much for stoping by! ❤
      Much love,
      Holly xx

      • Glad I’m not the only crazy macaron person out there! Done and done, it’s not embarrassing if someone shares the experience with you right? 😉 haha x x

  4. I.LOVE.MACAROONS!! And i’m sooo jealous that you have Laduree!! (We don’t get them in my country). Thanks for checking out my blog xx

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