So today I decided to take a break from everything and treat myself and my mum to a shopping spree in London. I always feel that shopping sprees are the perfect excuse for lots of food and coffee, I mean, you cant walk about all day on an empty stomach can you?




So after an shamefully chocolatey breakfast at my favourite patisserie, we walked to the train station to begin our day. Our first stop was covent garden, because I have a stupid obsession with macarons, and they have a Laduree store there, and I was dying to try some of their famous macarons. I bought a box of 6, and once I have tried all of them i’m going to make a separate blog post dedicated to them, trust me they deserve it hah!

IMG_3854 IMG_3870 IMG_3858 IMG_3857

As it is nearing valentines day, the people at covent garden have set up this adorable place where couples can go, and padlock hearts and messages to metal cages spelling the word love. I know that they have a similar thing to this in korea, and I have always thought it was the most adorable idea.

IMG_3869 IMG_3866 IMG_3864 IMG_3861

(More food hahaha!) I got a delicious Red Velvet cupcake from Candy Cakes and it was fabulous. The icing was perfection, and the fact that it had glitter on it make it 50 thousand times cooler ah 😉

I ended up spending quite a lot of money, and it was a lot of fun, so I thought that I would show you a mini haul (to be honest I gave up taking photos of london once I had a few shopping bags because I’m lazy oops)

IMG_3873 IMG_3880Here are the macarons I bought, i’m just so excited about tasting them all. I paid a little extra to have them put in a box, but I think its worth it because the box really is pretty, and I will definitely be able to find a use for it in my room.

IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3894I’m such a sucker for anything cute that I can hang from things like drawer knobs and handles. I dont really know what I’m going to do with the bucket, but I just couldn’t resist the colour and the polka dots (plus it was only 99p, a bargain right?)

IMG_3893I bought this hand cream from L’occitane. I have never actually purchased anything from this brand before, but I tried one of the testers and just instantly fell in love- it smells really lovely, and unlike some hand creams it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy after you use it.

So… I found a Cath Kidston shop… and as you can see.. I went a little bit mad. Their shops are always so pretty and I just cant resist and I decide that I need to buy everything and ah it doesn’t go well for me hah.

IMG_3895 IMG_3896I bought the 2013 diary because it was half price, and plus it’s already February so I suppose that it is about time that I accepted the fact that it actually is 2013.

The edges of the pages are printed with different patterns, and there is a lovely little plastic zip wallet attached to the back cover so you can keep loose bits of paper safe if you have no where else to put them.

IMG_3898I bought the passport holder because I actually use my passport as my form of ID- I dont have a drivers licence so I have to carry it with me if i’m going to buy anything age restricted. I thought that getting a passport holder might make it slightly safer and make it look less passport like (ok I dont know it was just cute ok).

IMG_3899The tissues were only 89p it would be a crime not to buy them really…

IMG_3901I bought this lanyard to attach to my college locker keys- they always seem to get lost at the bottom of my bag, and I hope with this I will be able to find them a bit quicker (probably wont work).

IMG_3902Gah ok this lip balm is so so so nice. I really cant explain the smell but it is literally the most perfect thing in the world.

Paperchase is another weakness I have in my life. I mean really, who can resist cute stationary? There is actually a paperchase literally 5 minutes away from my college which I spend my life in, and it was nice to go in a different one for a change (even if they sold the same stuff…)

IMG_3903I feel that highlighters with cats on them are a necessity in life ok just look at them.

IMG_3904Ha ok so I thought these would be fun for a future blog post where I can fail at making cookies again!!


My hands are permanently cold. Seriously, even in the summer my hands are cold- and they have been ever since I was a baby. So when I saw this cute little hand warmer I had to buy it! It has an owl on it what more do I need to say really.

So, it was a really great day, my mum even decided that she wanted a mulberry purse so I had great fun helping her choose that (can I just get a full time job as a personal shopper that would be great thank you).

Did you all have a good day?

À bientôt!!

P.S Can I just say how happy I am about parliament finally approving gay marriage. It gives me a little bit more faith in humanity.


27 thoughts on “London

  1. Hey Holly!
    I love, love, love the pictures! London sounds so pretty. I’m incredibly jealous that you can just decided to go there on a whim. I don’t live anywhere half that exciting.
    Macarons are super yummy! I love how they come in all the colors and flavors. I always feel like I should be at a tea party when I’m eating them. lol!
    I love Cath Kidston. I feel like she’s like the UK version of Vera Bradley, but I like CK’s patterns better. It’s always so floral and vintage-like. Sadly, I only own iphone cases from her, because shipping is quite pricey. Especially internationally.
    Your cupcake cookie cutters are adorable, but your kitty cat highlighters!!! Omg. Words cannot explain how much I love those! They are the epitome of adorableness.
    Sorry for such a long comment, but I loved the post and the pictures!

    ♥ Madeleine

    • Hi Madeleine,
      You have no idea how much this comment made my day, I really love long comments hahaha 🙂
      I’m so glad that you share my love for macarons- I think it’s impossible not to like them, they are both adorably cute and extremely tasty 😀
      Oh, I had no idea that Cath Kidston doesn’t widely sell her products internationally. I am so obsessed with her stuff, I just wish it was a bit cheaper hahaha!
      Naaw, thank you- I actually bought the highighters in an attempt to liven up my boring english lit classes. Lets just say, poetry is more interesting when you get to highlight it with kitty highlighters… 😉
      Much love ❤
      -Holly x

  2. Hey Holly!!
    Gosh I love spoiling myself with shopping sprees sometimes and they don’t have to always be about clothes – haha! We have a lauduree here but it’s so expensive, I think about 20 dollars for a box like that? I just got the ones in the paperbags but one day I shall spoil myself. Oooh the bucket and the kitty cat high lighters and all that cath kidston stuff!! I’m jealous, it’s all so pretty, I have a cubed storage system and I like to put different themed knick knacks in each cube so its like a museum of my favourite things lol, xx Karen
    xx Karen

    • Hey Karen!
      I agree, sometimes its nice to go shopping and spend some time looking at things other than clothes.
      My box of Macarons was £12 I think- I have no idea how much that is in dollars, but I felt like spoiling myself, and I hadn’t had macarons since October, so why not haha! You should definitely get a box one day, because even after the macarons are all gone you can use it to keep stuff in!! 😀
      Aw I’m glad that you like them! A cubed storage system sounds like such a fabulous idea- my room is so messy at the moment it is actually disgraceful- I need some organisation in my life haha!
      Thank you ❤
      -Holly xx

  3. Hey Holly,
    Wonderful post!
    It sounds like you had a great time on your London trip. Even though you spent quite a lot, I’m sure it’s worth it. The pictures are beautiful and I really love them too.
    My favourite would probably be the one of the heart lockets, they looked so cute!
    I have to agree with you about the L’occitane hand creams. I fell in love with them ever since my mum gave me a certain one on my birthday a few years back. 🙂

    • Hi Clarissa!
      Thank you so much!
      The heart lockets were very cute, and its nice that so many couples joined in to make it look so adorable!
      Ahh I’m glad that you share my love for the L’occitane hand creams, I’m going to invest in a few more very soon, because this one is just fantastic! 😀
      Much love,
      Holly xx

  4. Hey Holly,
    Loved this post!
    Omg I’m obsessed with macarons too! XD They’re so pretty and they taste delish. 😀
    The red velvet cupcake you got looks so good, I’ve been craving one this whole week lol.
    I absolutely adore the Cath Kidston diary you bought, I wish I had one too! Cath Kidston things are so adorable. (:
    The highlighters and the cookie cutters are sooo cute!! I want them now 😀
    You have an awesome taste in shopping, I love all the things you got!
    xoxo- Juna∞

    • Hi Juna!
      Aw thank you so much!
      And yay I’m glad that you share my love for macarons, I think it must be impossible not to fall completely in love with them haha 😀
      I have a huuuge obsession with Cath Kidston stuff, so thank you for saying you like the diary (it was such a bargain too!!)
      Aw you really are too cute haha ^^
      Much love!
      -Holly x

  5. This post makes me go crazy in here!
    I’m from Brazil, and I always dreamed to go to London! I loved every photo, makes me dream even more!
    The padlocks for valentine’s day… so adorable!
    And I’m looking forward the post about the macarons!

    Sorry if my english is not that good (:

    Hope you visit my blog

    • Hi Ludi,
      Aw thank you soo much!
      You should definitely visit London one day, I could be your tour guide! haha 😀
      The locks were totally adorable weren’t they?? I really love how so many couples joined in to make it so special.
      I’ll probably write the macaron post tonight haha!!
      Much love,
      Holly 🙂

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