Hi guys,

I’m in the middle of portfolio/coursework madness, but I feel so so bad about not updating for ages.

So here is an adorable little animation that I stumbled across a few days ago, it’s cute so if you have a spare 5 minutes give it a watch 🙂

I should be back to normal posts this week hopefully!!

Thanks for sticking with me ❤

-Holly x

11 thoughts on “Paperman

  1. Oh I loved this!
    I saw it in the most viewed section of my phone and I just had to, it’s adorable and the animation is very pretty. I love how everything is black and white except for her red lips haha. Only I would notice something silly like that haha!
    hope you’re having a lovely day xx Karen

    • Oh my gosh, I totally only just noticed that (wow i must be the most unobservant person on the planet hahaha!)
      It is such an adorable animation, I love all the cute short films that have been flying around youtube at the moment.
      -Holly 🙂 x

    • I think everyone will always have a soft spot for anything disney 🙂
      Isnt it just adorable? I love the way that it tells a whole story without a single word.
      Thank you so much (I will be so glad when this interview is out of the way so I can go back to spending my life on the internet hahaha!)
      -Holly xx

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