Winter Wonderland

So, seeming as college was cancelled yesterday I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to go for a walk and take some pictures of the snow!

In an attempt to keep warm I wore a wooly jumper along with this adorable duck print skirt I bought last week, tights and long woollen socks (and I obviously topped this all off with a coat because I get cold so so easily.) And of course my beloved Hunter Wellies, I love them so much, I literally wear them at any chance I can get haha!IMG_3714 copy IMG_3725 copy IMG_3720 copy IMG_3731

I walked over to the woods, (I spend a lot of my time just walking through the woods, seriously, its like a strange hobby that I have), and I was greeted with the prettiest sights, trees just look so nice in the snow.

IMG_3756 IMG_3760 IMG_3771 IMG_3777 IMG_3781 IMG_3789

This lake was frozen, and the ducks were walking across it, it was literally the funniest thing I have ever seen, I just stood there laughing to myself (I must have looked insane).IMG_3790IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3794 IMG_3796


Today pretty much all the snow has melted, and everything is back to normal, booo.

I love the snow, everything looks prettier covered with it 😀

Do you guys like winter?

À bientôt!!

14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. So pretty!
    I’ve only seen snow once since it’s relatively warm here and even the weather man said it might not really be snow but soft hail. Haha but I count it as snow anyways.
    It would be so pretty of you did your ootd outside in the snow but I guess you were using a self timer so you probably didn’t want to diy outside haha. I love your skirt, how fitting since you saw some real ones and I also want some of the wellies too! It gets rainy quite a lot in the spring and autumn here! xx Karen.

    • Hi Karen!
      You see, i actually planned on taking my ootd photos outside, but when i got out there i decided im the hugest wimp when it comes to the cold, so i ran back inside hah!
      We dont get snow very often here, but when we do even though it is only a little amount, pretty much everything in the country shuts down hahahahah!
      Thank you~
      -Holly xx

  2. Holly,
    Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit, too, especially the button-up skirt.
    The snow looks soo beautiful. It snowed a bit here on Christmas, but not much since then or before that. I hope we get an all-out blizzard!

    Lauren x

  3. Hey Holly!
    Snow is so pretty! Especially on roof tops and trees. Your outfit is adorable: tights, skirts, and sweaters are one of my favorite combinations.
    Lovely pictures! And great post!


    • Hi Madeleine!
      Aw thank you, as you can probably tell by now, jumpers and skirts are pretty much what I live in during the winter 😀
      I love snow on the trees, i think it is one of the prettiest sights 🙂
      -Holly x

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