Weekly style inspiration- Alexa Chung

This week’s style inspiration post has to go to the lovely Alexa Chung. Alexa is an English model/tv presenter, and her style is, in my opinion, perfect.

She tends to be rather androgynous, sticking to dark colours and showing a passion for wearing tailored suits, making her style a very distinctive one. Many people find this charming however, with multiple influential people including Karl Lagerfeld  and Vogue’s Anna Wintour describing her as “a phenomenon” and “the Kate Moss of the new generation”.

And of course we cant forget the famous handbag brand Mulberry, that designed, and named the much sought after “Alexa” bag in her honour.

She’s gorgeous and I’m obviously completely jealous.

What do you guys think of Alexa’s style?

(its 5 minutes to midnight, this still counts as a friday post right?) haha!

See you again tomorrow~

À bientôt!!


6 thoughts on “Weekly style inspiration- Alexa Chung

  1. Hello, Holly!
    I adore Alexa Chung; her style is amazing, she always looks flawless and I love her haircut (probably because I have one similar to it, haha!)!! She always seems so poised and confident, truly a good style rolemodel!

    I’ve just posted a new post on my blog, if you’re interested in checking it out!


    • Hi Mandi!
      I completely agree, and omg I love her hair so much! I’m actually considering getting my hair cut like hers, but i’m a huge wimp and my hair grows so slowly so i’m freaking out that I wont like it and then i’ll be stuck with it for like a year hahahaha
      Much love,
      Holly xx

  2. Hello Holly!
    I love Alexa and one of my favourite outfits she has ever worn is the one where she’s got on the simplest gray sweater and there’s a lovely peter pan collar peaking out. It looks so comfortable yet chic.

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