Anyone for tea?

Today has been so boring.

I went to work for 6 hours, as I do every sunday, but today it was just completely dead. I had one customer. And they only spent £40. What a waste of a day.

Anyway, thanks to that I had a looong time to think about what my post for today would be about, and, seeming as I had so much time to kill, it’s ended up as a post about the brand I work for. Haha!

I work in a department store called Williams and Griffin, and, to be honest, it is a really lovely place (actually, a few years back it beat Harrods for the ‘independant department store of the year award’ ooh hah). Funny story actually, I was almost born at this shop because my mum worked there when she was pregnant with me, and I obviously just decided it would be fun to be born two months early, so she was at work when she went in to labour (sorry mum).

I work for Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood and Royal Dolton China. They really make some pretty stuff (and most of it is extremely girly, which, as you probably know by now, I am a huge sucker for). My favourite things are the really dainty tea cups and tea pots, they’re just so cute ok.


Ok and now i’ll stop boring you haha!! I hope you all had lovely weekends, apparently its supposed to snow this week which will mean complete chaos because this country literally can’t deal with snow.

Have a nice monday!

À bientôt!!


13 thoughts on “Anyone for tea?

  1. Hi Holly!
    The place you work at sounds similar to a department store we have called David Jones, they stock wedgewood, royal dolton, etc. etc. The china is so pretty, I’d love to have a nice collection one day. Haha xx Karen.

    • Hi Karen!!
      Ah that is pretty awesome, I wasn’t sure if they stocked it in other countries or not.
      I’d love a collection tooooo, but some of it is just so expensive. Oh well, maybe when I win the lottery (which I fully intend on doing hahaha)
      Holly xx

  2. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love tea sets! My mom has a small collection of some really nice ones, but I’m in love the ones you posted. They’re so pretty!


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