Sale Shopping

Now, you know I love a bargain. And as the January sales are in full swing, I have been shopping quiiiite a lot recently…

I already spent the majority of my money on my mulberry handbag (which is now my baby, how did I ever live without it?!) and that too was in the sales, so, practically a bargain!! But of course I couldn’t resist doing some clothes sale shopping too, which has literally left me with just over £100 in my bank boohoo (no more shopping for me for a while waa).

Instead of boring you with a loooong post with lots of photos, I thought I’d bore you with an awkward video instead!


So, have you done a lot of sale shopping? Is anyone as broke as I am now? hahaha

À bientôt!!



2 thoughts on “Sale Shopping

  1. Hey Holly!
    I adore Cath Kidston too! I online shop there tons, even though shipping to the USA is kinda pricey. I love the pattern of your sheets and pillows.
    I love skater dresses and skirts too! They are my favorite style actually! The sweater and skirt are all really cute! And your shoes!!! The flats with the mustache is gorgeous!


    • Hey!
      There is actually a Cath Kidston department in the store I work in, which means I spend waaaaay too much money there haha!!
      Aww thank you! Skater dresses and skirts really are lovely, I want to buy more so that I can wear them everyday if I want to hahaha!

      -Holly xx

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