Going Dotty

Recently I’ve become a huuuuge fan of polka dot nails. They’re cute and I think that they look nice with any outfit.

I’m one of these people that seriously sucks at painting my nails. It always takes me like 3 hours, and FORGET ever doing a french manicure because that never goes right. One hand always turns out perfect, and the other is always a disaster. Plus i’m too impatient with letting them dry, they end up chipped and smudged in less than an hour.

So, why would you listen to anything I have to say about nails when I suck so majorly at them I hear you ask? Well, I’ve found a really simple way of achieving polka dots, that even I can do, so here it is!

I dont have any nail art tools at home, so previously I was just getting my white polish and dabbing it onto my nails to create dots, but they always ended up different sizes and because some had a lot of varnish blobbed on, of course i smudged them before I finished painting my whole hand. Not a good look.

IMG_3506So, i have made a really easy DIY nail dotter. Instead of spending like £8 on a profesional nail dotter (which i’m sure are wonderful), all you need is a pencil with an eraser on the top and a dressmaking pin.

Poke the pin into the eraser on top of the pencil and voilà! There you have your homemade nail dotter.

I am actually really pleased with the results you can get by using something so simple. I’ve had my nails polka dotty for about 5 weeks in a row now, and I’ve even had customers at work compliment me on them, and then ask where I got them done. That’s a big deal for me ok, because my nails usually look terrible haha!

Here are a few photos~




Pastel nail colours are my absolute favourite, with pinks and muted colours literally taking over my nail polish collection, and I really love glittery top coats (even if that does make it impossible to take your nail varnish off). I’m such a girly girl its almost unreal haha!

I’ve been really tempted lately to buy one of the gel nail kits, as I’ve seen some great reviews on youtube… maybe that shall be one of my investments for the new year!

So, what are your favourite nail trends or colours, and are any of you as useless at nails as I am? (probably not haha)

I hope all your mondays weren’t too hideous…

À bientôt!!


13 thoughts on “Going Dotty

  1. What a slick idea! It seems so simple and your mani came out adorable. And on top of it all, your swatch photos are lovely. I just started a blog and I really need to learn how to take better pictures – I can see here how it makes a huge difference!

    • Thank you so much!!! ❤
      I just checked your blog, its so lovely- and your pictures are beautiful so dont panic! I know how hard it is to take photos of your own nails- i almost dropped my camera several times (but that might just be because I fail at everything haha!!!)
      Thank you for your lovely comment, and good luck with your blog!
      -Holly xx

  2. Hey Holly!
    I really love the DIY nail trick. It’s so simple I am dying to try it out! Especially since yours looks so pretty.
    For French nails, there’s a really simple trick where you paint the tips really quick, and then using a thin paint brush and nail polish remover, you clean up the edges. I’m sure there’s some tutorial on YouTube, so you should look it up!

    Lovely post!

    • Hii Madeleine!
      Oooh if you try it out let me know how it goes!! It works well for me so I hope you have good luck with it haha!
      That’s a good tip for the french manicure, I will definitely have to try it out. Thank you 🙂
      -Holly xxx

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