Pandora Bracelet

So, the lovely Karen from Style Crumb noticed from my Mulberry video that I have a Pandora bracelet, and suggested that I do a post  about the charms as there dont seem to be many around on wordpress.

I thought it was a PERFECT idea so here we are! 🙂

I’ve had my bracelet for about 2 and a half years now, and over that time i’ve managed to collect quite a number of charms.

I like to rearrange my bracelet every so often because I’m a loser, and I prefer my bracelet to look quite empty so that the charms move around when I move my arm, rather than filling the whole thing completely with charms.

IMG_3491IMG_3469 IMG_3473 IMG_3472 IMG_3470 IMG_3474 IMG_3461 IMG_3481 IMG_3489At the moment I am really more into the type of pattered charms, but I also have a collection of more light hearted charms for when I’m in a cute mood!



What I would really love would be a couple of gold charms to throw on to give my bracelet more colour, but as they are around £200 each i’m pretty sure that will never happen (and even if I did buy one, it would look odd on its own wouldn’t it?)

That’s all for today heh, do any of you guys have pandora bracelets? (now im in the mood to buy some more charms oh no haha!)

À bientôt!!

(P.S dont forget to check out Karen’s blog, she is really lovely <3)




4 thoughts on “Pandora Bracelet

  1. Hey!
    I wa super excited when I saw this on my dashboard. I shall do my post really soon and give you a shoutout too because you’ve been just so lovely on my blog (: You seem to have acquired a fine number of charms. I don’t have nearly as many as you but I only collected for about a year and then stopped but now I want to start getting new ones because of this post (: I think you have a suitcase charm? I have that one too! xx Karen,

    • Hiii!!
      Aw thank you ;; You are so lovely ok ❤
      Well, the only reason I have so many charms is purely because I work in a department store that sells them, which means I get a discount mwhaha!! 😉
      I haven't bought any for a while though- but now I'm inspired, maybe I will treat myself very soon 🙂
      Yes I have a suitcase! That one is actually one of my favourite charms, I just love all the cute little details on it 😀
      Much love
      -Holly xx

  2. I love your Pandora bracelet! I have a few of the same charms as you but I am absolutely desperate to get small heart one with the little dots inbetween (on picture four).. how long ago did you buy it?


    • Hey!!
      Aw thank you so so much 🙂
      Ahh well i think I got that charm about a year ago…. I’m guessing they dont have it on their website anymore? But maybe if you try on ebay, a lot of people tend to sell their old charms on there, so maybe you will be able to find one!
      Thank you for your comment, and good luck trying to find one!~
      Holly xx

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